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Limited resources, limited time, under pressure?
Let's assess your unique challenges and create purpose driven engagement in your leaders...

When a school team is always struggling with the elephant in the room, the real work is avoided.
Does this sound like your team?
Our individualised programs are designed to build your school team's capacity to engage purposefully and professionally. It's not a cookie cutter workshop... it's honest engagement,  with integrity to help your people experience a new sense of possibility rather than burden.

Empowering Your Team for
High Performance

​An effective team is like a well oiled machine.

Just imagine if your team was empowered with choices that excited them about their role. We learn and evolve with you to discover your group potential and team direction. Your team will uncover new insights that will inspire and challenge individuals to step up and play a bigger game.

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Developing Your School Leaders

​With aligned values and personal ownership anything is possible.

We have tried and tested Executive Leadership programs to inspire, develop and lead your people to a united growth mindset.

We understand what you're struggling with and take the time to examine the strengths and weaknesses in the individual. Then you will discover options, and strategies to move forward faster without using your limited resources and time. We don't give you stock answers used in every other school because you are unique and your answers must fit your unique challenges.

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Skilled Communicators + strategic action

NSINCED Leaders are 30% more effective in their day.

 Wouldn't it be great if your people had the tools to work more independently? Leaving you the freedom to develop more options, move forward and actually trust in the process. We help your teachers and admin staff discover
* Their unique value
* Workplace relationship keys
* Communication excellence
* Behavioural and Thinking differences
* 'IN TEAM' procedural effectiveness
* Their capacity for quality decision making

We don't give you stock answers used in every other school because you are unique and your answers must fit your Values and Mission.

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Tracey Howard Teacher, NSW edu dept.

I have found Lisa's guidance so valuable. I was at a pivotal time where I was overwhelmed.... and I also needed a new, positive direction for my future.  Lisa immediately made me feel comfortable to share my thoughts without judgement. I have turned my life around in such a short time and know that I will continue to do so, using the strategies I've learnt. I have set personal goals and found them achievable. My life now feels in balance again and the future looks bright for my family! I would thoroughly recommend Lisa as she is both professional and personable. I feel very blessed that she came into my life when she did.


You know it's time to take the next step. Don't waste another day thinking about it.
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