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"Leaders don't create followers
Leaders create more Leaders"

                                                                    Tom Peters

How We grow Leaders to grow more Leaders

Are you looking to grow and challenge your team?
How do you inspire a group to be their best?
Why would they want to follow you?

Our Leadership programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client group.

We strive to engage and unite a group. Giving them the power to support their leaders. We then give leaders the personal awareness to behave as a leader and the tools to support and empower their team.

"When the best leaders work is done the people say 'We Did It Ourselves'." Lao Tzu

Leaders Compass

Enhance Leadership communication and style.

  • ​Strengthen natural leadership style
  • Tap into expert communication techniques
  • Boost rapport and results
  • Build you resilience to thrive in challenging environments

Values & Vision

Lead with a vision and inspire others to do the same.

  • ​Build a foundation for the next level of Leadership
  • Get clear on your own drivers for action and success
  • Increase your influence
  • Build your vision 

Change for the Better

Inspire great performance and get your team back on track

  • ​Add vital tools to your Leadership expertise
  • Learn to deal with challenging people effectively
  • Increase your communication expertise to Lead with influence
  • Learn to make positive change and boost results

Helping Leaders build strong, productive teams

Leaders create more Leaders. Our Leadership Programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. We strive to unite and engage a group. Give them the power to support their leaders. We then give Leaders the personal awareness to behave as a Leader and the tools to support and empower their team for powerful performance and purposeful  productivity.
'When the best Leaders work is done, the people say,
"We did it ourselves".'  Lao Tzu

Daniel Archer AHFC Senior Coach, AFL Players Assoc. Player Development
I recently engaged Lisa to work with the Avondale Heights Football Club in the Essendon District Football League where I hold the position of Senior Coach. Having been appointed to the position in October 2015 it became quickly apparent that the environment needed work in relation to professionalism, team values and leadership. Lisa was fantastic in building a plan to engage the players and drive their ownership as a group in setting the values and actions for the group moving into the 2016 season. Presenting to the group on a number of occasions including the pre-season camp, Lisa was able to provide an environment that players felt comfortable in expressing their honest opinions and feelings when developing our clubs set of core values.


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