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It’s time to preload your teams potential

It's a changing world and business is always at the forefront of that change. But change is uncomfortable for most of us.

And it can be downright scary for some.

Now that it's the middle of winter, you may notice that people start to get comfortable and snuggle up on the lounge with their hot chocolate. And that same mindset can start to creep into their daily grind as well.

So are you going to sit back and drink a cup of hot chocolate?

Or are you going to use this time to get a head start on your next milestone, your next challenge ....

or maybe strengthen the foundations for your teams potential.

Use your winter months wisely to solidify the foundations of your relationships and recalibrate the trust, intent, and professional integrity of your people.


you and your team will be ready to deliver when the pressure is really on in a few months time.

We've all seen it happen. When the pressure hits, it's a sink or swim response. Because nobody is prepared!

A top footy coach would NEVER throw his team on the field against Geelong without a thorough pre-season. It takes time to warm up that commitment muscle and break in those high performing biceps.

Ok. So how are you going to prepare your people for the coming months?

1. Reassess where you're heading

2. Get super clear about where the gaps are in your teams professional performance.

3. Create a plan of action

4. Build a belief system around you & your people that will actually support you in your challenges.

We have a library of workshops and coaching programs this winter that are designed to flex with your people and their needs.

If you're thinking...

"How do we take our people to the next level?"

"What's the next step to prepare our key people for change?"

"We need to make a change?"

Then you already know I'm speaking your language.

Let's talk about your options and make a move to lift your business performance up a notch.

Contact me right now for a chat I'd love to hear from you.

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3 Tips to Effective Communication

A challenge when communicating is to make sure that the message you’re conveying is heard the way you intended it, especially considering that your control of the recipients perception of that message is very limited.

The good thing is that there are keys to communicate more successfully, which can help you improve relationships, increase empathy for others, reduce the risk of misinterpretations, kill it in negotiations & sales meetings and so much more!

Communication is normally dependant on the engagement of the recipient. Basically, you need to break through a filter of references, prejudice, interpretations and personal experiences to really connect with the person you are communicating with. Is your message actually being received in the same context that you intended? 

So how do you do that?

There’s a whole industry selling the ‘secret’ to communicating effectively… but there are some key features that keep popping up which will make all the difference next time you’re trying to get your message across to someone. Here’s some quick tips to get started.

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1. Ask yourself… what is my end goal here? Is it to win? To assert my point of view? To be seen in a certain way?

Is it that I sincerely care about this other persons outcome, understanding, and their connection to my message?

You see... we know when someone isn’t committed to the conversation. Don't we?
We can usually sense when someone is forcing their opinion on us and doesn’t care about what we think. And what do we do when we sense that???
Usually we will switch off to some degree, shut down. We can feel it. We’ve all been in a situation where we can sense that this person doesn’t give a hoot about me and why did he ask me how my weekend was when he didn’t even listen to my answer?
Which leads me to number 2.

2. Active Listening!!

If you’ve built relationships based on listening and appreciating others circumstances… then you can bet they’ll be a lot more open to listening to YOUR message too. And your listening skills will give you vital information on peoples style of communication and personal behaviours.

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3. Body Language
Next time you have something important to say, do you really think people will listen if you’re doing a hand stand at the same time? Maybe if you’re a yoga teacher. But other than that, it’s not giving the right visual cues that relate to the content of your message.

It’s quite amazing that we can understand each other with such clarity, without saying a single word. As a matter of fact, our primary way of communicating is non-verbal.

To become an efficient and skilled communicator, you need to understand the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication. Be more aware of your body language this week and consider what signals you’re sending to others.

If you’d like to learn more about your own behavioural style and strengths and take your communication skills to the next level….

Then Hey…. You should take a look at my Behavioural Profiling Analysis.

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I’d love to read your comments below on what specifically you’re struggling with in your day to day conversations.

Until next time…

May all your conversations be meaningful ones.

Have a sparkling day.

Book Your EDISC Profile Assessment Now and I'll contact you immediately to get you started on your journey

Book Your EDISC Profile Assessment Now and I'll contact you immediately to get you started on your journey



Urgent VS Important

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Or Is It?

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How “Mindfulness” helps you to be a better Manager, Leader, Parent.

It's a word we've been hearing a lot of recently and you're probably wondering... What's all the fuss about? How does this apply to my functions as a manager or a team leader or a parent?

Think back to a moment when you were caught up in the rush of the day, striving for the next deadline and suddenly out of nowhere your team has a melt down and you didn't see it coming! When we are stuck in the past or caught up in the possibilities of the future we are not present and we miss so many of the moments that make up our perception of the day. The truth is, there were lots of signs that your team was approaching melt down but your didn't even notice them.

Here are THE ATTITUDINAL FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS (Adapted from Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn) . This is the short version to think about how you function in your day.

1. Non-Judging • Taking the stance of an impartial witness to your own experience.

2. Patience • Letting things unfold in their own time

3. Beginner’s Mind • Too often we let our thinking and our beliefs about what we ‘know’ stop us from seeing things as they really are.

4. Trust • Developing a basic trust in yourself and your feelings.

5. Non-Striving • Paying attention to how you are right now – however that it is. Just watch.

6. Acceptance • Seeing things as they actually are in the present. If you have a headache, accept you have a headache. We often waste a lot of time and energy denying what is fact.

7. Letting Go • Letting go is a way of letting things be, of accepting things as they are.

How loyal are your clients, Really?

Why does this matter?
Because without fixing this ... the reality is, you will never have a secure business customer base. And you'll have no stability to grow your business into the future.

From choosing your niche to developing your skills, it's critical to create a business that answers the personal needs of your customers. Connect with them at a personal level. 
Studies show that it takes at least seven customer touch points for customers to buy from you and then you have to wait for them to be at that critical buying point to recognise that they actually need you.

So are you going to spend all your time, money and energy on chasing new customers every day or are you going to work smarter?
In corporate sales and customer management we say "it's easier to retain a client who already decided at some stage that you are the right fit, than it is to find, cultivate and convert a totally new client".
Be smart and cultivate your client relationships like they really matter to you

- give them extra added value

- go above and beyond their expectations

- understand their personal needs and limiting beliefs

- make personal connection with them in meaningful and numerous ways

Here are a few getting started tips to make sure you're covering the basics to build client loyalty:
1. Know what your clients know. Beyond keeping up with your own professional education, pay attention to what your clients are learning. Reading professional journals is important, but it's not enough. You also need to know what the trends and gossip are both online and offline. New trends in your industry are constantly evolving and it’s not uncommon for their credibility to be questionable. When your clients are given misinformation, they'll come to you for the truth.

2. Build a personal interest. Make sure your impression lasts longer than the actual time you’re together by giving your clients things to think about after they meet you. It might be some basic comment on a current social situation or suggest a clients do food diaries or wardrobe journal,something relating to your expertise, just for their own personal clarity, then you have a great topic to bring up next time you see them. A fitness instructor once suggested to me that I check out the tri-athlons in Melbourne because I could handle the challenge. This had me curious and I actually googled the topic. I didn't go as far as entering any tri-athlons, but that instructor now has a topic to use as a conversation starter with me AND every time I see tri-athlons in the media I think of her.

4. Invest in education. Knowledge builds confidence, so invest in education. You need to be reading and studying to stay up to date on industry trends and news. Studying current literature, attending classes and going to conventions and conferences are all investments in your business. Education helps you to be the leader in your chosen niche and will refresh you whenever you feel a bit stale.

5. You are not your client. A very minuscule percentage of your clients will think and act like you do. Don’t develop a business style that would be effective for you. Put together programs that will work for your clients.

6. Be your own advertisement. Advertise yourself whenever you're in public by being the best representation of your industry and your business to everyone you come in contact with.

7. Don’t throw it away. Make sure to maintain a database of former clients and prospects who went through an initial consultation and didn’t sign up. You have a valuable source of warm leads here for the future.

Other causes of losing clients are:

  • Lack of results. When clients don’t see the results they want or that they believed they'd get, they blame you or your product. Your number one form of advertising is word of mouth, your reputation is everything. So be honest and clear with your clients. Manage their expectations.
  • It’s a huge mistake when a business doesn’t get clear on what the client’s needs are and zero in on the true problem your client needs solving. Once you have clarity around that unique solution you can provide it's so much easier to actually do it.

Keep looking to find different, creative ways to connect with your clients and become their trusted go-to for your industry. Be mindful of your days actions and understand the impact you're having.

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Are Your Needs Being Met?

We are all motivated by our basic human needs.
Connection, Significance, Contribution, Variety, Growth, Certainty.

We’re driven to fill these needs by our own internal priorities and external factors. In fact, we’ll go out of our way every day to fill our core needs and if we can’t fill that bucket with positive experiences, then you can bet that we’ll use unresourceful methods to get our fix of needs.

You have no option but to fullfill these needs.  These needs are less about basic survival and more about inner peace, self-acceptance, personal balance within your community. When you have these 6 factors nicely balanced everything seems to flow and the sun is always shining in your world. Now fantastically, you have the choice in these areas as to how you fill your bucket of needs. You can choose to be engaged or distant. You choose your priorities. Lets look connection as an example.

Jacqui is working in an office and gets on well with everyone. However, recently she changed her start time so that she can drop her kids at school. That seemed to be working well for her until others noticed Jacqui not at her desk a number of times during the day, actually, a lot. You see, Jacqui gets her little fix of connection and belonging every morning as her friends walk past her desk for coffee. Now, she’s feeling left out because she gets to work after the gossip is all done. Now in order for her to get that fix of connection everyday she has to stop at the coffee machine a number of times during the day, and create her own gossip (not all of it nice). Jacqui is finding a new way to fill her need of belonging and connection without even knowing it. And that’s how most of us go through life.

So how do you fill your bucket everyday with your needs?

Are you choosing positive, useful ways to fullfill your priorities?

Or are some of your choices unresourceful? Problematic? Blocking your path?

The good news is … it’s your choice. You can actively seek opportunities to meet your core personal needs. Choose some simple effective ways to fill your bucket every day.

Imagine how more effective you could be in your life if you were aware of your core needs and knew how to get the best from your day, resourcefully.

It’s time to shine.

Take control of your life

Get clear on your personal needs.
Find balance in your priorities and
be more effective everyday.

12 week program

Sept-Nov 2016

Find Passion like Brad and Angelina

Last night I happened across a Brad & Angelina favourite on TV, “Mr & Mrs Smith”. A quirky, action packed, romantic comedy, it’s got it all. Love, hate & confusion. Like any marriage really.

Mr & Mrs Smith were capable, strong personalities who were in control of their worlds. But somewhere along the way the passion in their relationship soured into frustration and distain. You see for 5 years of marriage they were pretending to be ‘perfectly’ something else. Amongst the explosions, speeding cars and exhilarating stunts they were found out and forced to be their real, authentic self, for their own survival. And then, the passion re-emerged.

We can apply the human need for passion and connection to every area of our life and the life of the people around us. The masterpieces of history were products of a personal passion. The resourceful success of the Virgin brand is a testament to one mans passion. If we don’t feel connected and a true sense of value in what we do, then every days journey seems all up hill.

Imagine …. If you were empowered to be you. If you had passion for everything you do.

Imagine ... the possibilities if your team were empowered to be their best selves. Connected with their team. Valued in their role. Owning their workplace culture.

The phrase ‘Workplace Culture’ is often thrown around as if it should just happen and everyone should jump on the bandwagon or get left behind. Some managers think it simply means being nice to each other and watching your P’s & Q’s. You can’t dictate culture. It takes awareness, and conscious effort. By encouraging meaningful interactions and aligning peoples passions, you organically build a sense of shared goals and beliefs across your entire company. Like any great relationship.

Mr & Mrs Smith believed they needed to fit a mould of the perfect couple when actually that mould was robbing them of true connection. Once the explosions smashed that mould, they were forced to communicate honestly with each other, they were free to be their true self, connection was restored and passion reignited.

Dare to be you!

Passion and Commitment are lying and waiting to be unleashed.
(Explosions and car chases are optional)