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Lisa is an expert in ‘People Performance’ and has combined 25 years of business experience in management, fitness, sport, sales and marketing to now work with individuals and businesses who want a fresh perspective on where they are going and how they are going to get there. 

As an Elite Athlete in earlier years, she understands the commitment it takes and the mindset we can develop to achieve. She coaches individuals and teams to create a clear direction, goals, and action plans for enhanced performance. The strategies and techniques that were once a secret of the elite sportsmen are now being applied to corporate sales, business mindset and personal success. Lisa unleashes those strategies on your goals.

As a mum of a busy household of sportsmen Lisa also understands the constant tug-of-war we all struggle with to keep our lives and family in balance. Like any team, it takes deliberate action to build a strong family unit.

*Master Practitioner of Business & Executive Coaching *Diploma of Life Coaching *Certified NLP Practitioner *Certified Practitioner Matrix Therapies *Certified Leadership Coach *Extended DISC Profiler *ICHS

Adrian Jobson is a business coach and facilitator in coaching & mentoring teams. An experienced organisational change management professional, Adrian assists organisations seeking growth to envision a future, develop strategies and align people with who they are to what they do. He is also well at home in assisting businesses in translating strategy into action.

He brings together a sense of awareness to organisational identity and brand strategy, a behavioural perspective and sensitivity to the underlying dynamics, and group development.
Together with coaching experience with CEO’s and their executive teams, Adrian’s compelling enthusiasm is seeing organisations enjoy the benefits that engagement delivers when strategy and people, align and intersect.
Adrian’s previous experience includes ten years of coaching and consulting assignments within the SME, Corporate and Educational sectors. Adrian has has held senior leadership roles in manufacturing, financial services and  has extensive analytical experience in change management projects, communications, and performance management. He deeply appreciates what it takes to make change meaningful and sustainable in business.

Adrian is particularly interested in organisations seeking to grow their leadership capacity. Using this point as a staging point to better understand the business, the market and how to realise the value of right now.

*Master in Business, RMIT (Organisational Change & Consulting) 2001*Vocational Grad Dip - Ontological Coaching 2012 *Accredited Facilitator – Hermann Brain Dominance*Accredited KPI Coach*Trained to EMCC Standards Certification

Samantha Jefferson is our education specialist. She specialises in Functional Organising for peak brain performance. A senior teacher with 20+ years working in child-care and primary and secondary education as a teacher, teacher trainer and administrator. Qualified and experienced in business, personal coaching and mentoring, Samantha has also worked as an education journalist and media trainer with News Ltd and APN publications before being drawn back to her students and love of classroom teaching, teacher development and parent education. Samantha has extensive professional and personal experience with learning support and behaviourally challenging students. She has successfully introduced and activated the highly regarded Arrowsmith Program into discerning schools and is now the director of 'Cornerstone House' offering life-changing cognitive programs and support to students aged 9 - 16 years.

Her speaking style is dynamic, disarming, down to earth and engaging. Her anecdotes are drawn from real classroom experiences and extensive parent conversations. Sam creates safe, open forums for communication, information sharing and understanding, offering educators her experience as a carer, teacher, administrator and parent.

* Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), * Arrowsmith Program Coordinator, * Graduate Diploma of Psychology, * Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) *Currently studying B. Psychology

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  • We've been there and done that! Practical life and business experience.
  • We will only partner with you if we really believe we can help. (Money back guarantee)
  • Lisa can offer tactical statistics AND Mindful wellness. Like accounting in a yoga class.
  • You'll feel comfortable with us. Like an old buddy from high school.

We provide personal one-to-one consultation throughout Melbourne with clients in Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and Brighton. Plus Skype, Facetime, and phone consultation around Australia.

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